LionThrone has covered much ground since inception in 2018. 
Shifting from power trio to full foursome in year one, the band of brothers continue to evolve and mature stylistically. 100s of shows, 8 singles and multiple videos later, the Lions deepen their involvement in the production of their craft. Handling all production for their 2020 release "Set You Free" (9/11/2020).
Drawing inspiration from such timeless acts as EWF and James Brown to contemporary legends such as Incubus and the Roots, their diverse musical backgrounds are displayed naturally in their prowess, combining for a journey true music-heads will be thrilled with taking.

As pandemic conditions limited the Lions to live streaming and the occasional socially responsible showcase, their focus shifted to songwriting. Now armed with over two albums worth of original material (as of 5/1/2021), our Lions set about recording a mighty catalogue. Currently preparing a 5 song EP for release in the summer of 2021, LionThrone is slated to perform at Deep Ellum Arts Festival in Dallas, TX in September and seeking performance and touring opportunities. 

LionThrone is:

Bryan Montoya - Vocals, Guitar, Keys

With deep roots in the blues, soul and rock n roll, lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Bryan Anthony Montoya brings an impassioned and impressive delivery to his lyrics. Dancing somewhere between Chris Cornell and James Brown (between crooning and summoning the power of his band in a snarl ) at a whim in swells of energy and emotion. A dynamic, experienced guitarist and a showman who invests in his audience, Montoya owns the role of Frontman with ease.

Justin Reed aka Cap'n Jay - Drums, Vocals  

Drummer and vocalist Captain Jay’s hiphop influence can be felt in the core of LionThrone’s drive. His vocal stylings resemble greats such as Tupac Shakur and Nate Dogg in their expressive nature. An eclectic and unique drummer with styles for days, it’s a guarantee that heads will bang and booties will shake with this man on the skins. 

Kyle Waters - Bass Guitar

Kyle Waters has been studying the greatest bassists of our time his whole life, and the proof is in the pudding. Waters’ abundant techniques on the bass guitar call to mind legends like Marcus Miller, Bootsy Collins, Les Claypool and the like, providing an energetic and original landscape on which LionThrone develops their unique brand of rock.

Shorty Brown - Trumpet, Vocals, Percussion 

Shorty Brown brings a special element to LionThrone’s sound with percussion, trumpet and vocals. Formerly a sound tech for the group, Shorty became a full time member in the summer of 2018 when his talent as a trumpeter and vocalist became evident. With influences ranging from classical to contemporary, Shorty was the perfect fit to round out our Lions sound.