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This South Texas based soulful, rock/reggae quartet has covered much ground since inception in 2018. LionThrone has

-performed at over 100 live events throughout Texas.

-booked a successful mini-tour through Colorado.

-shared the stage with national touring artists Ballyhoo!, The Expendables and Kash'd Out.

Their single "Locked you In" (released 12/29/2019) has been well received with nearly 20,000 streams on Spotify in its first 2 months. The accompanying video sees regular national exposure on network television and streams globally via Amazon Prime Video (PopFuzion TV). 

Right back into the studio for these prolific songwriters to record their 7th single titled "The Path". Friends and fans (affectionately dubbed "The Pride") received a pre-release copy of "The Path" (via the LT email newsletter) a week prior to it's release on all digital platforms 3/30/2020. "The Path" lyric video featuring rare footage was released 4/5/2020.

The group stayed busy throughout 2020's madness by expanding their production capabilities. Recording all audio and visuals for their single and video "Set You Free", released 9/11/2020. This timely message is spreading rapidly with over 70,000 veiws in just 2 weeks. 

While anxiously awaiting live music's return in 2021 LionThrone wishes to meet talent buyers, tour managers, producers and anyone that loves impassioned , original artistic expression through the magic of music. 

You can expect to see LionThrone staying busy, and near you very soon.


"These boys are telling

a story... Music with something to say."

Dr. Douglas Heath - 




Nearly 20,000 streams on Spotify in the first 2 months

Locked you In on Amazon Prime

"The world is ready for LionThrone." - DJ Mack 357

"Stellar performers in this band of brothers." - PopFuzion TV

Set You Free

Locked you In

Live at House of Blues Houston


"Locked you In" voted into the #1 spot two weeks in a row